• Custom ROMs
  • [Download] LG G2 CM13 Marshmallow ROM

    The LG G2 from year 2013 is way over its 18 months upgrade promise from LG, so chances are really slim that the device would get the Marshmallow update officially from the Korean manufacturer. However, if you’re up for giving a ride to your device to the world of custom ROMs, you can install Android 6.0 Marshmallow update right this […]

  • News
  • LG G2 Lollipop Update released in Korea!

    We’ve great new for our Korean friends who own an LG G2 at SK Telecom, the much-craved Lollipop update has been released for your dearest device. After all, we already knew about it. We’ve got the changelog for the G2 Android 5.0 update below, but more importantly, the model no. of the G2 that is receiving […]

  • Updates
  • Knock Code arrives on LG G2 with a minor update

    LG G2’s design sported rear placements of the power and volume buttons, which could easily exasperate the user while using power button to wake up his device. So, LG come up with an interesting feature that could wake up the device just by tapping on the screen — Knock Knock. “Knock Knock” or “Knock On” was one […]

  • Android Apps
  • LG G3 Keyboard Ported for LG G2 [Download]

    UPDATE: Download LG G3 keyboard for Galaxy S4 and HTC One M8 The new keyboard on LG G3 is the smartest we’ve seen from a manufacturer till date. The keyboard adapts your style not just by learning words you type but by also measuring your touches to adjust the size of keys. If you often (mistakenly) type K’s instead of […]