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  • Verizon offers the LG G Watch at a slashed price of $99

    Verizon — The American broadband and telecommunications company — is playing host to a pretty tempting deal on its merchant website. The product on offer is none other than LG’s G Watch. While that in its own would not surprise us considering that the watch was released almost a year ago, the price tag attached with it does come […]

  • Android Apps
  • Here’s an App to Automatically adjust Brightness on LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live

    It was lame that both LG and Samsung didn’t put an ambient light sensor on their Wear watches to auto-adjust the brightness levels on the watch, a device that’s always going to be on the wrist of users. But, thanks to developer Daniel Velazco for developing an app that cleverly adjusts brightness level on your Wear watch using your location, time and the Google […]