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  • How to Enable LED Indicator on Moto G4 Plus

    Most Android devices come with an LED indicator light for various purposes on the front side, your Moto G4 Plus does too. However, Motorola chooses to restrict the LED light on its devices to certain device state only, not for charging, etc. But thankfully, if you’re rooted, you can take full advantage of the hidden LED on your Moto G4 […]

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  • [Root] LED Music Effects app can turn your device into a musical light show

    led music effect

    Android devices are quite popular for presence of active display and impersonator features that are carried out due to the presence of built-in LEDs. Usually, these features provide information about the screen such as notifications, low battery and other stuff. But, the capabilities of LED lights do not end with that alone. Crafty developers have […]