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  • T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 pictures leaked

    The T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS merger took most of the cellular news headlines today, and amidst all of that action, we came across another juicy bit, again concerning T-Mobile. While it is already pretty much confirmed that the Galaxy Note II would also hit T-Mobile, TMONews, an unofficial T-Mobile blog has posted a few leaked […]

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  • HTC Incredible HD Pics Leaked all Over Blogosphere


    Looks like either of the Verizon or HTC minds have leaked images of the upcoming HTC Incredible HD, a 4G android phone, to many popular tech blogs. If you thought LG was gaining all the highlights these days, very much thanks to its world’s first dual-core phone called LG Optimus 2X and another bombshell device, […]

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  • Sony Ericsson Shakira renamed as X8. [Rumor]

    Sony Ericsson X8 Front view

    Leaked pics again. We saw them for DroidX, Droid2 and Samsung Galaxy S and now Sony Ericsson also got in the loop with its upcoming phone, SE Shakira. It’s is basically a mid sized phone aimed at filling the gap between X10 and X10 mini and rumor has it that it might be introduced as […]