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  • Download Sony Xperia Z4/Z3+ Launcher APK

    sony xperia z4 z3+ launcher app

    Here is new launcher from the Sony Xperia Z4/Z3+ handset, that is company’s flagship of the year 2015. The new Sony home screen app allows you to change the icon size, a first between OEM major launchers. About installation. Well, the launcher is not install-able directly using the APK, but you need to push it to system folder manually […]

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  • Sony Xperia Z Launcher APK


    Back in January, the home screen launcher from the Sony Xperia Z was ported over to other devices, but the Xperia Z itself had not launched yet so it was quite a bare bones launcher. That has changed with the device’s launch though, and now a customizable version of the launcher has been released by […]

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  • LG UI 3.0 Launcher APK


    You didn’t think the TouchWiz 5 launcher from the Galaxy S3 would take away all the limelight, did you? After countless ports of the TouchWiz 5 launcher for different devices, the launcher from LG UI 3.0 — LG’s latest proprietary UI seen on latest and upcoming LG devices — has been made available for all […]

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  • TouchWiz 5 for Galaxy Note N7000


    TouchWiz 5 — the latest iteration of the custom TouchWiz UI found on Samsung’s Android devices — debuted on the Galaxy S3 and has been making its way to older Galaxy devices ever since a Galaxy S3 firmware was leaked. Now, XDA Senior Member maniacscorpio has ported the TouchWiz 5 launcher to the phone-cum-tablet Galaxy Note. The […]