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  • Google Play Store APK v3.10.10

    Google Play Store 3.10.10

    icon-bell-o Play Store APK Updated Below are the most recent versions of Play Store: [posts-by-tag tags = “google-play-apk” number = “5”] It seems Google just started pushing out a new version of Google Play Store, 3.10.10 — a pretty small upgrade. While we’re yet to find out any changes made by Google in Play Store’s APK, […]

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  • Samsung planning a cheap quad-core phone with Jelly Bean and WVGA 480p display for Korea, codenamed Baffin?

    Samsung seems to be working on a not so high-end quad-core powered phone for it’s home market in South Korea. Recent measurement results from GL benchmark tests, have shown an appearance of three unknown Samsung devices model-numbered SHV-E270S/SHV-E270K/SHV-E270L. All three are inferred to be carrier based variants of  same device. Specs inferred based on the benchmark […]

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  • Huawei Summit available at T-Mobile for Price of $49. Appears to run on Android, but Tmo calls it proprietary!

    Earlier today, we wrote about a leaked list of upcoming T-Mobile phones, which revealed the pricing  for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The leaked list also included a phone from Chinese telecom giant Huawei, called the Huawei Summit, priced at $49 with a standard 2 year contract. The pricing, and a little amount of calculated […]