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  • Nexus 4 gets LG’s knock code with Hellscode!

    Now, this is some real good development work on Android — developer Maxr1998 has come up with a combination of xposed module with his own Hellscore kernel, with few settings enabled here and there in the kernel, to come up with the pattern-enabled knock code on Nexus 4. Quite a feat, we must say. Knock code is an LG […]

  • Updates
  • Knock Code arrives on LG G2 with a minor update

    LG G2’s design sported rear placements of the power and volume buttons, which could easily exasperate the user while using power button to wake up his device. So, LG come up with an interesting feature that could wake up the device just by tapping on the screen — Knock Knock. “Knock Knock” or “Knock On” was one […]