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  • How to Turn Off Auto Correct on Android Nougat

    Android 7.0 Nougat features a slightly different layout for keyboard settings. And thus (if you’re a bit silly like us), you might find it struggling to turn off auto-correct for keyboard on Nougat. The Languages & input settings on Nougat are re-structured. Instead of showing the list of keyboards installed on your device directly, we now have Virtual keyboard and Physical keyboard options. […]

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  • Change Keyboard Color Adaptively to Match Each App’s UI on Android with Chrooma Keyboard app

    Like the stock Android keyboard by Google? But envy it when you spot a an alternative keyboard app on the Play Store that has fancy themes and colorful styles? Well, we have some good news. The Chrooma Keyboard app, which is currently under beta testing, gives you the stock Android keyboard with adaptive color styles that seamlessly integrates any app’s UI. Check […]

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  • How to Enable/Disable One Hand Mode on Google Keyboard

    Feel like your Nexus 6 or 6P is too big for situations when you have to type single handedly? Well, you’re not alone. Many of us have small, cute hands that just can’t fit these massive devices of today. But thanks to collaborative thinking of many, the keyboard apps on Android devices now also come with One Hand Mode — […]

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  • Download LG G3 Keyboard for Galaxy S4 and HTC One M8

    LG has unveiled their flagship device LG G3 and the Company claims that the device hosts the best technologies available so far on any Smartphone. The device features a brilliant QHD screen, a Laser-Auto focus Camera and beautifully designed Flat UI. The device hosts a lot of Software features that improves the User experience on the device. One […]

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  • LG G3 Keyboard Ported for LG G2 [Download]

    UPDATE: Download LG G3 keyboard for Galaxy S4 and HTC One M8 The new keyboard on LG G3 is the smartest we’ve seen from a manufacturer till date. The keyboard adapts your style not just by learning words you type but by also measuring your touches to adjust the size of keys. If you often (mistakenly) type K’s instead of […]

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  • Swype Keyboard for Android now available on Google Play Store

    Swype, the third-party keyboard that started the whole phenomenon of swiping through letters to type on Android, has finally arrived on the Google Play Store, after more than two years of being exclusively available only on the Swype Beta website. Seasoned Swype users no doubt already know everything about the intuitive keyboard, but for those […]

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  • Canadian Droid 3 is Motorola XT860

    Oh dear, Andorid phone’s names will never pardon you. We thought Motorola was pretty happy calling the outside-US Droid 3 as Motorola 3 which appeared destined for China but somehow Moto has felt they needed yet another them to identify the Droid 3 with Bell in Canada — that why the Motorola XT860 4G (maybe […]