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  • Installation Guide for New Android Market 3.2 from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

    Ice Cream Sandwich apps have started leaking now on Internet and we’ve already got the taste of what Music and Google+ apps would look like on Android 4.0. icon-bell-o Play Store APK Updated Below are the most recent versions of Play Store: [posts-by-tag tags = “google-play-apk” number = “5”] Now, we’ve got our hands on the […]

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  • GWK74 Android 2.3.7 Nexus S 4G Update

    Having a Google’s Nexus brand of device has its own benefits — stock Android experience, no stubborn custom UIs of manufacturers and above all, super timely update. Right now, the device running the latest android OS is Nexus S 4G, at Sprint, for which Google has begun rolling out Android 2.3.7 update, termed as GWK74. […]