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  • How to Boot Into HTC One XL Recovery Mode

    A recovery is a separate bootable partition on your Android device that you can use to install system updates and repair (factory reset) your device. A lot more can be done using a custom recovery, but the stock recovery that comes pre-installed on your Android device is limited to these features only. And FYI, these features […]

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  • HTC gets a few more devices PlayStation Certified

    Since the PlayStation Certified Xperia Play came out with that console-like gamepad, Sony has extended the PlayStation certification to multiple Xperia smartphones. Then when HTC released the trio of devices in the One series, HTC was able to get them certified as well, making the One X, S, and V the only non-Sony smartphones that […]

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  • AT&T One X Root tool available for build 2.20

    HTC One X users who got the phone from AT&T and updated their phone firmware to the latest 2.20 build, have been looking for a root solution since. Like most firmware updates, 2.20 brought in the usual minor improvements and big fixes, but also patched up the bootloader and root exploit gaps so tightly, that gaining S-Off […]