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  • Ubunto on HTC EVO? It’s Possible!

    ubuntu for EVO

    Those of you nerds looking to port Ubuntu to HTC EVO, be glad to know it’s possible. Guys at htcevohacks.com have found a way and they’ve also gotten instructions sets and files you need to be able to do this. Here’s how to run Ubunto on HTC EVO. BTW, like any ROM, it’s not always […]

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  • One more update for HTC EVO in the works

    HTC EVO Update

    We just heard that HTC is preparing another update for EVO to tackle the recent issues like ‘glass separation’ and more importantly ‘screen sensitivity’. This is second update for EVO, the first being the urgently-called post-launch update. HTC has confirmed that screen sensitivity update exists and depends on the climate where phone is being used, […]

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  • Unabsorbed demand in Android market…. Interesting.

    Motorola Droid selling hot

    We already have Motorola Droid’s successor in Droid Xtreme and Droid 2 on their way thanks to recently leaked pics. But it seems, the market still has unabsorbed demand left in the ‘most sold’ android phone, the Droid, at least that is what Motorola’s Co-Chief Executive Sanjay Jha told reporters.