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  • How to Boot into HTC One M9 Download Mode

    HTC has for long used Fastboot mode like most manufacturers does other than Samsung and LG to let users re-flash system partitions via a command line interface from a PC. But this is changing with the HTC One M9. The good ol’ Fastboot mode is now called “Download Mode” on the One M9, but thankfully, it’s […]

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  • HTC One M9 has new Bootloader menu, Fastboot is now called “Download Mode” and dancing Androids are no more

    For years, HTC has had the same bootloader menu with white background and text in various colors along with three adorable dancing Androids at the bottom. The Bootloader menu has had links to Fastboot, Recovery and HBOOT. But things are changing with the One M9. The Taiwanese company may not have put efforts in modifying the design of One M9 much, but there are quite […]