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  • How to take screenshot on LG G6

    LG G6 screenshot

    Whether it’s beating the final boss or getting the top score, sharing your achievement through screenshot is the best way to convince your friends that you actually did it. You can take a screenshot of basically any screen you’re in (with the exception being bank apps and payment gateways). You know, even when you can […]

  • Android Apps
  • How to recover notifications cleared from notification bar on Android, including Samsung devices

    Notifications play a very important role in the modern day gadgets, including Android mobile devices and tablets. Android Notification Center is super cool — in fact, super super cool on Nougat! — that is loaded with amazing features like notifications from similar apps grouped under one tab, and the ability to hide notifications from the […]

  • Root
  • How to Root Nexus 6P

    Status: Available. Thanks to custom kernel becoming available, one that is of permissive SE Linux policy and disables forced encryption, we not have root access on Nexus 6P. Yay! Just follow our guide below for Nexus 6P root, which is pretty easy to get, and once reason why you bought yourself a Nexus device. On Android […]