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  • How to Turn Off Heads-Up Notification on Marshmallow

    Don’t like the heads-up notifications for certain apps on your Android device running Marshmallow? Well, luckily for you Google has included a neat option to turn off heads-up notifications (peeking/preview pop-ups) in Marshmallow. Google introduced heads-up notifications with Android 5.0 Lollipop update, but there was no straight option to disable the notifications on stock Lollipop. You could only […]

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  • Enable Ticker Notifications on Lollipop and disable Heads-Up notifications with this cool “Ticklr” app

    It’s no surprise that some of us don’t like the new Heads-Up notifications feature on Lollipop, it’s downright annoying at times. However, Google seems to not care about it. Even on the latest version of Android, Android M developer preview, Google has decided to completely leave the good ol’ ticker notifications behind while still adding […]

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  • Redditor shows how Heads Up Notification should work on Android

    All the features that came with Android 5.0 Lollipop were pretty cool, the heads-up notification too, but only when we saw the thing pop-up for notifications we realized how nonsensically Google has implemented it. In case you don’t know, heads-up notifications serves notifications as an overlay in a header pop-up when you’re already doing something on the phone. Its […]