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  • Top Android phones at Verizon USA

    Certainly, you won’t be surprised by the fact that all devices are not available on the contract basis with Verizon like other carriers AT&T and Sprint. However, in case you are wondering which one’s are and which one you should buy via Verizon, read on. We have divided this piece into three sections, to make it easy […]

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  • Google Pixel will get guaranteed Android update till October 2018, security updates till October 2019

    The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL will continue receiving guaranteed Android software updates till October 2018, confirmed Google. These devices would also receive Android security updates till October 2019. This isn’t really surprising though, as Google has had a similar update schedule for older Nexus devices. Google released the Pixel and Pixel XL in […]

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  • Use Android Pay on Google Pixel and Pixel XL with unlocked bootloader using a SafetyNet patch

    A new patch allows Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners to use Android Pay even if their device bootloader has been unlocked. Unlocking the bootloader on your smartphone gives you more power over your device. However, OEM’s aren’t too favorable to it and usually when someone unlocks the bootloader on a device, some features are […]

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  • Pixel 3 could come with curved displays

    According to a new report out of China, Google wants to invest in LG Display to make flexible OLED display for next-generation smartphones. However, LG hasn’t confirmed the deal yet, which means that the Pixel 2 would not feature curved displays. Instead, if the deal goes through, Google could start using curved displays on the […]