Android Update, News, Apps and Hacks

Download New Google Play Store 5.0.32 from Android 5.0 Preview!

Languages Supported by Moto 360, LG G Watch and other Android Wear Watches for Voice Operation

How to Download all Photos from Google+ to Increase Storage Space on Google Drive

[APK] New Google Play Store 5.0.31 is Here with New Icon and More Material Design

Is this the much awaited Nexus device Codenamed ‘Shamu’?

Material Design based Topeka app gives a taste of Chrome apps on Android

[APK] Enable Experimental Google Now Cards with Unleash The Google App

Google Now brings the drop in Flight charges right on your device with the new Flight Price Monitor Card

Custom ARC ARChon lets you run Android apps on Chrome Browser on any Desktop OS

Android L to come with Automatic Encryption to prevent Government from sneaking into your device

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