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  • Google planning physical Google Wallet card?


    Leaked info from an unreleased Google Wallet app seems to suggest that Google could be introducing a physical Google Wallet credit card, linked to your Google Wallet account. Screenshots from the leaked app indicate that the card would function just like a regular credit card, and can be used at establishments which may not have NFC […]

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  • Turkcell’s Sim-based Mobile Wallet solution allows even Feature phones to pay using mobile. Smartphone who?

    Sure, we have NFC on our favorite android phones to make contactless payments wherever feasible using Google Wallet or whatever. But the mobile wallet tech developed, in fact already launched, by Turkcell uses phone’s SIM card to conduct payment-through-mobile business, and thus what’s so great about this tech is its endowment of this ability to […]

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  • GWK74 Android 2.3.7 Nexus S 4G Update

    Having a Google’s Nexus brand of device has its own benefits — stock Android experience, no stubborn custom UIs of manufacturers and above all, super timely update. Right now, the device running the latest android OS is Nexus S 4G, at Sprint, for which Google has begun rolling out Android 2.3.7 update, termed as GWK74. […]