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  • Google Search now shows “Slow to load” note for video results when you’ve slow internet connection

    Slow to load on Google Search

    Looks like Google search now even measures your internet connection speed to improve your search experience. My internet was just acting sloppy, and I was searching for “jurassic park world trailor”, and there Google showed a “Slow to load” exclamation to all results with video content. So next time when you’ve a slow internet connection on your mobile device, Google will be […]

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  • New Feature in Google Search: Results from Bookmarks and Browsing history also being shown right next to search results!

    browser history result

    Looks like Google is updating the search results layout, now also throwing in the results from user’s browsing history and bookmarks. In the pic above, you can see that the search term ‘HTC One’ (fav of yours too?) in being searched in bookmarks and history too, and the results from respective categories are presented in the right side […]

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  • New Google Search APK


    Update: Download the latest Google Now APK file from here. Google Now, the personalized Google Search app found on Jelly Bean Android 4.1 which displays information cards to the user relevant to their usage patterns, has got a new update which adds support for information cards for movie showtimes, giving public alerts such as warnings […]