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  • Google Play Movies Arrives in 9 New Countries

    Google released Play Music to 13 countries yesterday, and now today the company is opening doors for Google Play Movies for 9 more countries. This expansion of Google Play services to more countries is coming with the release Google’s new flagship devices Nexus Player, Nexus 9 and Nexus 6. Below is the list of the 9 new countries getting Google Play […]

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  • [APK] Google Play Movies & TV Updated to v3.5.14 with Material Design and Info Cards feature, plus free Gravity movie

    It’s raining app updates again as Wednesday begins for the final week of October 2014. And this is pretty special time for looking at app updates from Google as Android 5.0 is releasing for consumers in a few days from now and it’s completely loaded with Material Design UI. So Google is bringing its apps to Material […]

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  • Google Play Movies launches in Five more countries: Canada, UK, France, Spain and Australia

    Google isn’t content with just announcing their new Nexus devices or the launch of Google Music in Europe, so the search giant has also enabled the purchasing of movies from Google Play in Canada, UK, France, Spain and Australia, further expanding the reach of Google Play content outside the U.S. Titles such as The Raid, The Avengers, […]

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  • Check Out Applications From Google Play Store: The Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies

    Download Google Play Apps

    All the new Google Play Apps except the most wanted by everyone, the Google Play Store App, are out and available for download in the android market.. err… Google Play Store. One thing though, these apps — Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies — aren’t available around the globe yet, which should […]