• Google Play Books 3.2.61

    [column size=”one-second”] [ad2] [/column] [column size=”one-second” last=”true”] Filename: com.google.android.apps.books-v3.2.61.apk Version: 3.2.61 File size: 8.49 MB (8,910,230 bytes) Date: 12 November, 2014 Developer: Google Inc. [/column]

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  • Google Play Books 3.2.58

    [column size=”one-second”] [ad2] [/column] [column size=”one-second” last=”true”] Filename: com.google.android.apps.books-v3.2.58.apk Version: 3.2.58 File size: 8.5 MB (8,909,950 bytes) Date: 5 November, 2014 Developer: Google Inc. [/column]

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  • [APK] Google Play Books Updated to v3.2.55, gets Material Design and enhanced browsing experience

    Google Play Books just got updated to version 3.2.55. The update brings Material design to the app, along with a couple of new useful features. You can now skim through an entire book with a swipe and browse between notes, highlights and bookmarks easily with spot icons on the screen. As for material design stuff, the update brings basic […]

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  • Google Play Books 3.2.55

    [column size=”one-second”] [ad2] [/column] [column size=”one-second” last=”true”] Filename: com.google.android.apps.books-v3.2.55.apk Version: 3.2.55 File size: 8.5 MB (8,913,447 bytes) Date: 30 October, 2014 Offered by: Google Inc. [/column]

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  • Check Out Applications From Google Play Store: The Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies

    Download Google Play Apps

    All the new Google Play Apps except the most wanted by everyone, the Google Play Store App, are out and available for download in the android market.. err… Google Play Store. One thing though, these apps — Google Play Books, Google Play Music and Google Play Movies — aren’t available around the globe yet, which should […]