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  • Google Pixel Bluetooth issues have been fixed

    It’s been about a month since Google Pixel and Pixel XL users started complaining about a Bluetooth issue with their devices. The Bluetooth on the Pixel and Pixel would disable automatically, causing connected devices to stop working. The issue began after the release of February security patch for the devices. Ever since then, users have had this […]

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  • Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL update brings March security patch and bluetooth fix, build NOF27B

    The Pixel and Pixel XL are indeed powerful devices and with a hefty price tag that accompanies them, buying an unlocked device without a contract seems an almost ludicrous idea. Even if your mobile carrier offers you a contract, you’re always worried if updates for carrier-locked devices would receive regular updates or not. But do […]

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  • “Ok Google” Not Working for Google Assistant? Here’s how to fix

    A lot of people with Google’s Pixel phones in-hand, are reporting issues with Google Assistant after installing the latest Android 7.1.1 update with build NMF26O. Apparently, the “Ok Google” hotword is no longer working when the device’s screen is off after updating the device to Android 7.1.1. However, upon further inspection, it seems that the issue isn’t with the […]

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  • [Download] Pixel and Pixel XL Fastboot files with multi slot support for system, boot, vendor, etc.

    The Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones are structured differently than the current Android devices on the market. The phones feature multiple slots for system, boot, vendor and other partitions, and if you’re into flashing and stuff on these devices you might run into trouble with the current ADB and fastboot installers since the multi slots […]

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  • Google Pixel and Pixel XL Xposed Framework Status

    Although Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones are pretty feature packed devices, but there’s no limit to customization on Android devices. And with Xposed framework it only gets interesting. However, if you are hoping to install Xposed on Pixel and Pixel XL devices, then it’s simply possible at this time since Xposed doesn’t yet support Android 7.0 Nougat, […]

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  • Get all Pixel features on your Nexus 6P with the Pixelize app [APK Download]

    Google’s new Pixel phones comes with many new features that the company didn’t intended to release for its (now-discontinued) Nexus series of phones. However, thanks to the customization Android offers, it’s pretty easy to get Pixel features on your Nexus or any other Android with root access. Past month, we did a post on how to convert […]

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  • How to Enable WiFi Hotspot / Tethering on Pixel and Pixel XL (Verizon, Sprint and other carriers)

    Carriers often block WiFi hotspot tethering on smartphones sold under contract or with unlimited data plan. This is to stop users from using data on other Wireless devices by creating a WiFi hotspot from the device with unlimited data plan. The recently launched Google Pixel and Pixel XL also has this restrictions. However, if you chose to unlock bootloader […]

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  • How to Root Pixel and Pixel XL with SuperSU by Chainfire (systemless root), Verizon Pixel models also supported

    Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL had been out for a while, but it took some time for even a renowned developer like Chainfire to get around the phones system partition to gain root access. Why? Because the Pixel phones are built differently. Rooting Pixel and Pixel XL didn’t turn out to be as simple as we initially […]

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  • [Update: NMF26O] How to Unlock Bootloader on Verizon Pixel and Pixel XL using dePixel8

    Although a Google device, the Verizon variants of Pixel and Pixel XL ship with locked bootloaders and there’s no official way to unlock the bootloader on these devices, nor is it allowed. However, thanks to developer beaups who found an exploit on the Verizon Pixel phones that can be used to unlock the booltoader. Initially, beaups and his team members […]

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  • [Download] Pixel and Pixel XL Toolkit let’s you Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, Root and Disable Forced Encryption

    The unified Android Toolkit by mskip over at xda just added support for Google’s new flagship devices Pixel and Pixel XL. This is gold for Pixel users who don’t want to mess with command lines to do stuff on their devices. The Skipsoft Toolkit is by far the most feature rich toolkit available for Android devices. It supports a huge […]