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  • New Google Search app from Android M brings back “Ok Google from any screeen” option to Galaxy S6, but still doesn’t works

    Ok Google from any screen on Galaxy S6

    For some unknown reason, Samsung and Google decided to remove “Ok Google from any screen” option from Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. It was available when the Galaxy S6 launched, but after a week, “From any screen” toggle just disappeared from the Galaxy S6 devices without even any update to the Google Search app. This had […]

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  • Languages Supported by Moto 360, LG G Watch and other Android Wear Watches for Voice Operation

    Smart watches are all the rage these days as major tech companies like Google and Apple have released smart watches with optimized software built specifically for watches. It should be obvious that with those tiny screens on the smart watches, the technology isn’t begging to be another screen to run your apps. Smart watches are an extension […]

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  • Google Now brings the drop in Flight charges right on your device with the new Flight Price Monitor Card

    Google Now has been amazing us since its launch with its ability to provide pieces of information corresponding to our search history and interests. Google calls this way of bringing information to you as Cards which provide pieces of information based on your interest. The Google cards are snippets of information that pops on your Google […]

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  • [New app] “Commandr for Google Now” lets you set custom commands for Google Now using the “Note to self” interface

    With touchless voice controlled phones like Moto X and recent updates to Google Now which allows it to listen to your voice on any screen (even on lockscreen), we’re getting more used to using our devices with voice and that naturally develops craving for even more voice controlled actions. Google Now is by far the most educated voice assistant […]

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  • Google Babble rumored: unification of Google Talk, Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, etc. and probably some other stuff planned!


    The unification of all the communication services run by Google – such as Talk, Google+ Messenger, or Google Voice – has been long rumored to be on its way to become reality, and now Geek.com is reporting that Google may use the name “Babble” for this universal communication service. Right now, Google has separate apps/services for […]

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  • Google Now APK version


    Google Now is a personalized Google Search app included with Jelly Bean Android 4.1, which displays information cards to the user, relevant to their usage patterns. Information cards include movie showtimes, public alerts such as warnings of storms, earthquakes, your appointments, interesting places around you when  travelling, stock updates, as well as the ability to […]