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  • Google Nexus 6 Android M Root is here!

    Android M root solution is available for Nexus 6 now, something you have been missing ever since you upgraded to latest Android OS (preview). We think many people with Nexus 6 were resisting the Android M update till a root solution was available. Thanks to DespairFactor, the root-not-available-yet period is gone, as you can root your Nexus […]

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  • Verizon Lists Google Nexus 6 for Pre-Order for $249

    nexus 6 verizon

    Earlier this week, there were reports claiming that the Google Nexus 6 will be launched by Verizon Wireless on March 12. As speculated, the device has gone official and it is available for pre-order for a pricing of $249. The shipping of the ordered devices will debut on March 18. Well, the Verizon Wireless subscribers […]

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  • Sprint Nexus 6 to Receive Android 5.1 Update Today

    nexus 6

    Soon after Google’s announcement about the Android 5.1 update came out, the factory images of the newer iteration of the platform started emerging for select Nexus devices. In the meantime, Sprint has announced on its official website that the Nexus 6 units will be receiving the update today. On its support page, Sprint claims that […]

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  • Root Nexus 6 with CF Auto Root by Chainfire!

    Well, just like that Chainfire released CF Auto Root for the Nexus 6 as well! Chainfire has released root for all officially announced Android 5.0 Lollipop firmwares and for some Moto devices, the developer has released Android 5.0 root even before any official/leaked Android 5.0 update arrived. Chainfire’s CF Auto Root a.k.a CFAR is a one-click […]

  • Unlock Bootloader
  • How To Unlock Nexus 6 Bootloader

    One of the most lovable thing about Nexus devices is that these devices are bootloader unlock-able right out of the box. There’s no requesting from the manufacturer for a bootloader unlocking PIN and there’s no carrier limitation either. You can unlock bootloader and re-lock bootloader on your Nexus 6 at your will. Why unlock bootloader? Well, if you’re anything like […]

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  • Nexus 6 Ambient Display: How to Turn it On/Off

    The Google Nexus 6 comes with Ambient display which works in a similar way like the Moto Display (previously known as Active Display). It basically lights up your phone’s display when you pick it up or when a new notification arrives. However, Ambient display doesn’t turns on your Nexus 6’s screen when you pull it out of your […]

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  • Nexus 6 to feature 5.5-inch Screen?

    Nexus 6 is one of the most anticipated and alleged device this year and the reports about this device are a little gloomy. Earlier it was thought that the Nexus 6 will be coming from the LG, but the recent reports show that Nexus 6 won’t be a LG device. So the speculations on the next hardware […]

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  • Google Nexus 6 won’t be an LG device!

    Google’s Nexus line-up always make a special appearance into the market and the Nexus device make quite a stir in the mobile market. Google releases the Nexus devices with immense hype and always deliver the best in the form of software improvements and updates. This year, there is a plethora of rumors regarding the latest […]