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  • Google’s Android M to go Official at I/O Keynote on May 28

    android m

    As per its routine, Google will be launching the upcoming iteration of Android at the annual I/O Developer conference. The firm has not officially confirmed this information, but a session description briefly appeared as a part of the conference’s schedule mentioned the Android M. The same has been removed from the Google I/O conference website […]

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  • Google’s ATAP promises sock blowing wearables at the Google I/O

    Shortly after Google posted the schedule of this year’s I/O schedule, the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP ) team also organized a session titled “Badass and beautiful. Tech and human. Love and work. ATAP.” Which actually leaves you thinking about stuff like Samurai swords, Terminator and Don’t-Mix-Well respectively. Jokes apart, the title leaves you absolutely clueless as […]

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  • Android TV in Plans for Next Google I/O?

    Reports have appeared suggesting Google is all set to announce Android TV, as soon as next Google I/O, scheduled for June 25. The main reason behind Android TV, despite the Google TV already in market, is said to be more focus on Android gaming, and — inspired by success of Chromecast — online content. Enters PANO! […]

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  • LTE-enabled Nexus 4 to be launched at Google I/O?

    Google has oft been criticized for launching the Nexus 4, the company’s latest and most powerful Nexus device, without support for LTE connectivity, making an otherwise amazing smartphone (with an amazingly low price tag) a bit limited when it comes to data speeds. The Nexus 4 has also been criticized for lack of good storage […]

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  • Android Market to Get In-App Payments by May 2011

    Android updates more often than any other platform in the world. Yet, the feature that is very often rumored and very much highly cherished by developers, In-App Payments system for the android market, hasn’t made it to launch date. In-App payments system allow developers to provide an option in their application which lets users — […]