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  • [Allo themes] Allo 3.0 brings chat themes and smart smiley features

    The recent update to Google Allo (version 2.0) comes packed with many new features, but not all are activated. There’s a hidden theming feature on Allo that let’s you theme allo chat windows. It’s currently locked/hidden on the Allo 2.0 update, but folks over at 9to5google managed to activate it on a rooted phone. 9to5google hasn’t shared the trick to enable Allo […]

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  • Google makes German its Assistant’s second language while Smart replies gets Hinglish support

    Google just updated it support pages for Allo to make it official that the Assistant only other other supported language that English is German. We expect Google to make Hindi Assistant’s third language, as Google has been working quite with some dedication for Indian users these days. Google also made it official that Smart replies feature in […]

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  • How to Delete Google Assistant Chat Activity from Allo and your Google Account

    While Google Assistant is future of messaging apps, there is no doubt that it’s just another service from Google that actively collects data about you. It collects the kind of data that might even tell when you’re happy, sad, nostalgic, etc. This might seem pretty dangerous at first, and it indeed is, but it’s nothing different than […]

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  • How to Chat in Incognito Mode and Set Expiry Time for Messages on Google Allo

    Going incognito for chats is one of the most highlighting features of Google Allo. It allows you chat privately with anyone you wish without leaving any traces of the messages you exchange. The messages you share while chating privately on Allo are end-to-end encrypted, meaning no one can intercept the messages in between. Plus, you can also set a […]

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  • FYI: Google Allo doesn’t have SMS Fallback Support currently

    Thinking of switching to Google Allo for all your messaging needs? Well, you can’t. While messaging experience on Google Allo is rich in many ways, but the app doesn’t feature SMS fallback support which many of you wished for. There’s a heated discussion going over at reddit regarding SMS fallback support on Allo. In case you’re lost […]

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  • How to Delete Messages, History and Conversations on Google Allo

    To keep private messages private, Google Allo features Incognito mode. But if you happen to share sensitive messages on a non-incognito (regular mode) conversation with your contacts, then you might want to delete them later on. Allo lets you do it easily. However, you can only delete messages from your own device, not from other people’s devices with […]