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  • Verizon Galaxy Tab S and Tab S2 get December security update, builds T807VVRS1CPL1 and T817VVRS2BPL1

    Verizon has seeded new software updates for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and the Tab S2. These new updates install the latest Android security patch. The Galaxy Tab S software version is T807VVRS1CPL1 and is available right now. To download the update, connect to a strong WiFi or Verizon cellular connection. You could also check for the […]

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  • Download Galaxy Tab S Update Firmware T807JVU1CPI1: Verizon Marshmallow released

    Tab S 8.4 WiFi edition Model no. SM-T700 T700XXU1BOK1 T700XXU1BOJ7 T700XXU1BOK2 T700XXU1BOJ8 T700ZCU1BOJ4 T700XXU1BOL1  Tab S 8.4-inch LTE edition Model no. SM-T705W (Canadian) T705WVLU2BOH1 T705WVLU2BOE4 Model no. SM-T705 T705YDOU1CPI4 | Android 6.0.1 → T705YDOU1CPI4_T705YXSA1CPI4_XSA.zip T705XXU1BOK2 T705XXU1BOJ8 T705XXU1BOJ7 T705ZHU1BOJ2 T705XXU1BODC Model no. SM-T705Y T705YDOU1BOJ3 T705YZTU1BOJ1 T705YDOU1ANI3 Model no. SM-T705M T705MUBU1BOK1 T705MUBU1BOH1 T705MUBU1BOF2 T705MUBU1ANF4 Model no. SM-T705C […]

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  • Samsung tablet spotted on Geekbench, rumored to be the elusive Galaxy Tab S2

    This seems to be the period of calm before the storm as we see many major smartphone manufacturers rushing their devices through various benchmark and certification tests. After the HTC H7 — which received its bluetooth certification only recently — we have just spotted a Samsung device hidden deep within Geekbench’s under test database. The device […]

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  • Belkin’s new tri-fold cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab S available for pre-order

    Soon after Samsung wrapped off their Galaxy Tab S line up, 3rd party manufacturers followed in with their own accessories for the tablet. Belkin with its new folding cover, followed Logitech soon after Logitech Type-S unveiled for the Tab S 10.5. Belkin’s new folding cover dubbed “Tri-fold cover with stand for Galaxy Tab S” comes in both 8.4 […]

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  • Logitech unveiled new Bluetooth Keyboard case for Galaxy Tab-S 10.5 dubbed Logitech Type-S

    After the much awaited premium lineup of Samsung dubbed Galaxy Tab S announced, the 3rd party manufacturers no longer waited to unveil their products. Soon after Samsung announced its premium tablet duo with a line up Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Logitech didn’t make much time to be the first on chart to announce the accessories […]

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  • Galaxy Tab S Pictures Leak, Again!

    The upcoming Galaxy Tab S android tablet from Samsung has broken the covers again, guys, and this time around we get a good look at it, and its front, back, right and left side. It’s looking slim, of course, and portraits a the Samsung Magazine UX UI, hard Home button in the middle, back camera positioned at the very […]

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  • Galaxy Tab S Specs Confirmed via AnTuTu Benchmark!

    It’s not like we didn’t know about the super-specs of the Galaxy Tab S, an upcoming 8.4″ Android tablet from Samsung, but getting a bit of that via AnTuTu benchmarks is something that almost confirms the rumored specs we’ve heard before. We’re talking about 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage (16GB should also be available), Exynos 5 […]