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  • Download Galaxy S7 Edge Firmware (G935KKKU1APJ5, G935PVPU2APH7, G935TUVU4APIA and G935VVRU2APE1 added!)

    galaxy s7 edge stock firmware

    We’re mentioning the latest firmwares added to this page in the list below. Please find the download links for these firmwares in the relevant section below. G935KKKU1APJ5 G935PVPU2APH7 G935TUVU4APIA G935VVRU2APE1 G935PVPU2APE1 G935R4TYU2APE2 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Stock Firmware Model no. SM-G935A (AT&T) G935AATT2APG1 | Android 6.0.1 → G935AATT2APG1.zip BTW, you can also install the firmware available for the […]