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  • Download Galaxy S6 Edge Firmware [G925PVPS4CPI3 & G925VVRS4CPI2 added]


    Note: We’re mentioning the latest firmwares added to this page in the list below. Please find the download links for these firmwares in the relevant section below. G925PVPS4CPI3 G925VVRS4CPI2 G925VVRU4CPH1 G925TUVU4EPF1 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Firmware Model no. SM-G925A (AT&T) G925AUCU3BOI2 | Android 5.1.1 → G925AUCU3BOI2.zip G925AUCU2AOF3 | Android 5.0.2 → G925AUCU2AOF3.zip G925AATT1AOE2 | Android […]