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  • Firefox v7 for your Android Phone.


    Its raining good news for Android FireFox fans — the latest version, Firefox 7, is now officially out of the beta stage and has hit the android market. Although Firefox isn’t a household name yet on android scene, it does offers some features which will make your time with it very well worth. And trying […]

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  • Daily Cool Android Apps [30th June, 2011]

    It’s really been so long, we haven’t published a single roundup for you guys to try out the cool new apps in the Android Market, which now sports 3,00,000 apps. So starting from today we’ll (yet again) try to post daily cool android apps & games. Enjoy! Do it (Tomorrow) Market description: Why do today […]

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  • Daily Cool Android Apps [21 May 2011]

    Okay, we’re back. The app list below represents the app recommendations for the today — May 21, 2011. Some highlights — There’s a convenient home switcher app, plus something for bookworms, a security tool, etc on the applications side while the games part includes a basketball game, an action RPG game, and finally, a gangsta […]

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  • Top Android Apps [Feb 24, 2011]

    Hey there! We nearly knew — and now you’ve confirmed it too — that you’re waiting for the today’s article about the Top Android Apps we handpick everyday for your dear android phone. So, without wasting too much time here, let’s check out what we find cool for you, hope you enjoy it! GO Weather […]

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  • Top Android Apps [Feb 3, 2011]

    Google has just brought us an excellent web version of the android market, which, apart from making installation of apps hell lot easier by bringing the much-awaited and much-wanted Over-The-Air (OTA) download support, has made sharing the android market links of the apps way easier. Till now, we had to rely very much on QR […]

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  • Top Android Apps [Feb 2, 2011]

    Today marks the beginning of our new series, wherein we’ll share top apps with you on a daily basis. Apps for Feb 2, 2011 are: ContrustionHelperFree, Forever Alone Widget, Grandvalira, VoiceShoppingList GoldVersion, NASA Images Archive, ADEO Stepper (beta), and Gives Me Hope. And lastly, Striker Live Wallpaper. Good News Folks! With this article, we’ve just […]