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  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z Europe Price

    It is a common consensus that the Sony Xperia Z is a beautiful smartphone. The Xperia Tablet Z, the Xperia Z’s tablet sibling, takes that beauty two steps further and has certainly piqued the interest of many. Well, the pricing info for the device in some Europe countries is now out, and it should help you […]

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  • Galaxy Note Release Date: It’s this month in Europe.


    Samsung knows its costumers better than anyone else, and they even proved it by releasing a phone like Galaxy S2, and now are ready impress even further with the Galaxy Note — which we can say happily that it’s releasing a bit earlier than we’d expected. Of course, we’re delighted and very much excited for this beastly device, sizing 5.3-inch […]

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  • Pics of White Galaxy S II i9100 Leaks

    Only yesterday, the news of the white Galaxy S II i9100 for UK leaked and we’re so drooling over it even without having any chance to know how it would look because it was one strange no-pic-attached kinda leak. But no more. Just one day later, today, the leak mill has got us couple of […]