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  • New update to Verizon Droid Turbo 2 fixes its charging issues on Marshmallow

    droid turbo 2 charging issue fix

    Verizon released a new OTA update today for its Motorola Droid Turbo 2 to fix the charging problems with the device on Android 6.0 Marshmallow update that came out earlier. The update carries the software version of SU1.75B: 24.14.16.kinzie_verizon.verizon.en.US, while the previous update to this one is SU1A: 23.31.24.kinzie_verizon.verizon.en.US. If you are experiencing the charging bug on your Droid […]

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  • Download Galaxy A9 Pro 2016 Firmware

    galaxy a9 pro firmware download

    The stock firmware for Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, 2016, is available for download. The firmware is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, as expected as device launched with Marshmallow on-board. Which also means that until Android N (7.0) drops by, there wouldn’t be any major update for the Galaxy A9 Pro. And that would take a lot […]

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  • Download Galaxy Xcover 3 Stock Firmware [Unbrick, Fix, Back To Stock and Restore]

    Galaxy Xcover 3 Stock Firmware

    Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 Stock Firmware Model no. SM-G389F G389FXXU1APC7 | Filename: G389FXXU1APC7_G389FEUR1APD1_EUR.zip (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) G389FXXU1APC9 | Filename: G389FXXU1APC9_G389FDAX1APC9_TRG.zip (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) G389FXXU1APC9 | Filename: G389FXXU1APC9_G389FDAX1APC9_TTR.zip (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) G389FXXU1APC9 | Filename: G389FXXU1APC9_G389FDDX1APC9_DDE.zip (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) G389FXXU1APC9 | Filename: G389FXXU1APC9_G389FDDX1APC9_DTM.zip (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) G389FXXU1APC9 | Filename: G389FXXU1APC9_G389FDPX1APC9_DPL.zip (Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) G389FXXU1APC9 | Filename: G389FXXU1APC9_G389FDPX1APC9_TPL.zip (Android […]

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  • Download Galaxy J5 2016 Firmware [Unbrick, Fix, Back To Stock and Restore]

    galaxy j5 2015 stock firmware

    Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 Stock Firmware Model no. SM-J510F J510FXXU1APD2 | Filename: XSG-J510FXXU1APD2-20160418150110.zip J510FXXU1APD2 | Filename: MWD-J510FXXU1APD2-20160418150105.zip Model no. SM-J510FN J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: XFV-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160412113400.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: VGR-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160412113350.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: VDH-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160411171230.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: VDC-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160411171220.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: VD2-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160411171210.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: TCL-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160412113340.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: SIM-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160412113330.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: PRO-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160411171200.zip J510FNXXU1APCA | Filename: OMN-J510FNXXU1APCA-20160412113320.zip […]

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  • Download Galaxy Tab Active Firmware [Stock ROM, Unbrick, Update, Downgrade, Fix, Back To Stock, Restore]


    Tab Active WiFi edition Galaxy Tab Active [SM-T360] T360XXU1AOK1 T360XXU1BOK4 T360ZCU1AOI1 T360XXU1AOD2 T360XXU1ANI9 T360XXU1ANJ3 Tab Active LTE-A edition Galaxy Tab Active LTE-A [SM-T365] T365DDU1ANL3 T365XXU1BOK1 T365XXU1AOG1 T365XXU1AOA3 Galaxy Tab Active LTE-A [SM-T365M] T365MUBU1AOH3 T365MUBU1AOH2 T365MUBU1AOC1 Galaxy Tab Active LTE-A [SM-T365Y] T365YDOU1AOB2 T365YDOU1AOB1 How to Download and Install Firmware Be sure to check your Galaxy Tab […]

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  • Download Galaxy TabPro Firmware [Stock ROM, Unbrick, Update, Downgrade, Fix, Back To Stock, Restore]

    tabpro 3g

    TabPro 8.4 inch 3G edition Galaxy TabPro 8.4 inch 3G [SM-T321] T321ZCU1AOC1 T321XXU1BNK2 T321ZCU1ANG3 T321XXU1BNG2 T321XXU1ANBB T321ZCU1AND2 TabPro 8.4 inch WiFi edition Galaxy TabPro 8.4 inch WiFi [SM-T320NU] T320NUUEU1AOB8 Galaxy TabPro 8.4 inch WiFi [SM-T320] T320KXU1AOH1 T320XXU1BOC1 T320XXU1BNI1 T320XXU1BNK1 TabPro 8.4 inch LTE edition Galaxy TabPro 8.4 inch LTE [SM-T325] T325XXU1BOC1 T325ZSU1BOB4 T325XXU1BNK2 T325XXU1BNG1 How […]

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  • Download Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Firmware [Stock ROM, Unbrick, Update, Downgrade, Fix, Back To Stock, Restore]


    Tab 3 Lite 7.0 inch WiFi edition Model no. SM-T110 T110UEUANI8 T110XXUBNH1 T110UEUAOD1 T110XXUANI7 Tab 3V 3G edition Model no. SM-T116NQ T116NQJVU0AOI2 T116NQJVU0AOC2 Model no. SM-T116NU T116NUXXU0AOE1 T116NUXXU0AOD1 T116NUXXU0AOC2 Model no. SM-T116 T116XXU0AOH1 T116XXU0AOG3 T116XXU0AOC6 T116XXU0AOE1 T116XXU0AOB2 Model no. SM-T116NY T116NYXXU0AOI1 T116NYXXU0AOH1 T116NYXXU0AOG1 Model no. SM-T116BU T116BUUBU0AOG1 T116BUUBU0AOJ1 T116BUUBU0AOC3 T116BUUBU0AOC1 Tab 3 Lite 7.0 inch […]

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  • Download Galaxy Tab 3 Firmware [Stock ROM, Unbrick, Update, Downgrade, Fix, Back To Stock, Restore]


    Tab 3 7.0 inch WiFi edition Model no. SM-T210 T210XXBNH4 T210XXANC2 T210XXBNI1 T210XXBNL1 T210XXBOB1 Model no. SM-T210R T210RUEU0COI1 T210RUEU0COB1 T210RUEAMK1 T210RUEAMJ1 T210RUEAMG4 Tab 3 8.0 inch WiFi edition Model no. SM-T310 T310XXUBNF4 T310XXUBOJ1 T310KAUAOH2 T310XXUBOD2 Tab 3 10.1 inch WiFi edition Model no. GT-P5210 P5210XXUBOH1 P5210XXUANB3 P5210XXUBOB1 P5210XXUANB2 P5210ZCUAND1 Tab 3 3G edition Model no. GT-P5200 P5200XXUBOH1 P5200XXUANC1 […]