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  • Download Galaxy A3 2017 Firmware

    Galaxy A3 2017 firmware Model no. SM-A320Y A320FXXU1APLD | Android 6.0.1 → A320FXXU1APLD_A320FOJV1APLC_DKR.zip A320FXXU1AQA1 | Android 6.0.1 → A320FXXU1AQA1_A320FOXY1AQA1_CAC.zip How to download correct firmware file This is the important part! Be sure to check and find the correct the model no. of your Galaxy A3 2017. Then based on your device’s model no., look for the appropriate […]

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  • Download LG G5 firmware: Android 7.0 Nougat and Marshmallow KDZ files [VS98726b, LS992ZV8, H85020A H86020A; H81520j]

    Update [December 11, 2016]: Verizon Nougat KDZ firmware has also been added now, which comes as version VS98726B. Update [November 25, 2016]: More firmwares added: Sprint LG G5, LS992ZV8 (ZV8 Nougat build), and Hong Kong Nougat update firmware, H86020A. Find the download links below. Original article → We have already crowned LG as the first OEM […]

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  • Download Galaxy A8 2016 Firmware [Added A810FXXU1API7 | Fast direct download links]

      Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 Stock Firmware Model no. SM-A810F (Europe and Asia) A810FXXU1API7 | Android 6.0.1 → XSG-A810FXXU1API7-20161013101833.zip Model no. SM-A810K/L/S (Asia) A810SKSU1APJ1 | Android 6.0.1 | A810SKSU1APJ1_A810SSKC1APJ1_SKC.zip A810SKSU1APJ3 | Android 6.0.1 → A810SKSU1APJ3_A810SSKC1APJ3_SKC.zip A810SKSU1APL3 | Android 6.0.1 → A810SKSU1APL3_A810SSKC1APL3_SKC.zip A810SKSU1AQA1 | Android 6.0.1 → A810SKSU1AQA1_A810SSKC1AQA1_SKC.zip How to download correct firmware file This is the important […]

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  • Download Galaxy A5 Active Firmware

    Samsung Galaxy A5 Active Firmware Galaxy A5 Active Firmware (SM-G870A, AT&T) G870AUCU1ANE4 | Android 4.4.2 → G870AUCU1ANE4_G870AATT1ANE4_ATT.zip Galaxy A5 Active Firmware (SM-G870F) G870FXXS1BPF1 | Android 5.0 → G870FXXS1BPF1_G870FATO1BOE1_ATO.zip G870FXXU1BOB4 | Android 5.0 → G870FXXU1BOB4_G870FOXX1BOB1_BGL.zip G870FXXU1BOC1 | Android 5.0 → G870FXXU1BOC1_G870FFTM1BOC1_FTM.zip G870FXXU1BOE1 | Android 5.0 → G870FXXU1BOE1_G870FOXX1BOE1_SIO.zip G870FXXU1BOE2 | Android 5.0 → G870FXXU1BOE2_G870FMOT1BOE1_MOT.zip G870FXXU1BOL4 | Android […]

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  • Download Galaxy On7 2016 Firmware [G610MUBU1API6, G610MUBU1API5, G610YZTU1APJ3 and G610YZTU1APJ2]

    Update [October 17, 2016]: Recently added firmwares: G610FDDU1API4, G610FDDU1APHD, G610MUBU1API6, G610MUBU1API5, G610YZTU1APJ3 and G610YZTU1APJ2. The Galaxy On7 2016 is getting a new successor with the 2016 edition, appropriately called Galaxy On7 2016. The firmware for the new and upcoming On7 2016 are already available, so we thought about sharing them with you guys already. These Galaxy On7 2016 firmware are stock […]

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  • LG V10 Nougat update & Firmware: Verizon releases VS99025A update

    Update [January 11, 2017]: Verizon LD V10 firmware build VS99025A KDZ now available for download. The build comes with December security patch for the LG V10. Update [December 14, 2016]: A new update carrying the software version H90021x is headed towards AT&T V10 users starting today. The OTA, sized around 29MB, is already out, and it patches the V10 […]