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  • Restore Moto G 3rd Gen with Factory Reset

    Factory Reset Confirm

    You can factory reset your device using the hardware keys, also called Hard Reset. Or you can use an option in Settings app of your Moto G 3rd Gen that would do the same thing, too. This will completely restore the Moto G 3rd Gen. Here are both the ways using which you can factory reset […]

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  • How to Factory Reset HTC One M9

    Factory Reset HTC One M9

    As it happens with all new phones overtime, you’ll fill your HTC One M9 with loads of apps and games, and then find out that it’s starting to hang a little. You’ll delete a few apps, but you won’t feel the performance punch your One M9 used to give when it was new. Well, there’s one […]

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  • Unbrick and Restore Moto E to Latest Firmware in One Click

    Android Operating system is well-known for its flexibility to customize the user interface, theme the apps, building custom Roms and kernels and such things. However with great flexibility comes great responsibility as well as an equal threat. While designing and developing various apps and kernels, sometimes things may go wrong leaving your device in a bricked […]

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  • How To Factory Reset or Hard Reset LG G2

    You may want to Factory Reset (aka Hard Reset) your LG G2 in case you are looking to hand it over to someone else, or are simply selling it, and wanna remove all you apps, data, contacts, etc. from it. Or, you have forgotten the password on the lock screen, and now are looking at […]