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  • How to Use Parallel Space to Run Multiple Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Accounts on One Device

    Ever wanted to login to multiple user accounts on various social networking apps installed on your device like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, etc.? Well, now you can easily do so. Thanks to a new app on the Play Store called “Parallel Space”. Parallel Space allows you to virtualize almost 99% of apps available on the Play Store, […]

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  • How to use new Facebook Emoticans

    Right now, you couldn’t use Facebook’s new emoticons in every part of the world, but with this cool trick, you will be able to use new emoticons from Facebook right away. Basically, you need to make Facebook app believe that your device belongs to Spain, or Ireland. Once you are able to do that, and […]

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  • Facebook Launches Dedicated App Store for Messenger, Businesses for Messenger Coming Soon


    At the F8 developer conference on Wednesday, Facebook announced a platform for the developers to build standalone applications that can be integrated to Messenger. This platform is created to assist people to enhance their experience using Messenger with the help of images, GIFs, and videos. The developers will upload the applications to a dedicated Messenger […]

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  • Facebook Messenger beta update lets you send 15 seconds short videos in your chats

    Since Facebook emerged as a social phenomenon, people expect much more from it. In an attempt to become everything to everybody, the social network has released an update to the beta app of Facebook messenger with some cool features. Facebook updated its Messenger app beta to version with a new video messaging feature that lets the […]