• Issues & Fixes
  • How to Fix Empty IMEI, Corrupted EFS, No SIM, Unknown Baseband and WiFi/Bluetooth issues after restoring a TWRP Backup

    While flashing things with TWRP is fun and games, it can sometimes also lead to serious issues on your device. If proper care is not taken or if the installed TWRP recovery on your device has bugs/issues, then restoring a backup from it may corrupt your device, resulting in lost information and features. Below is a list […]

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  • How To Backup EFS on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    EFS partition of your Galaxy Note 5 holds critical information about your device, particularly for each set. As such, you can’t restore any other note 5’s EFS partition on your device. it holds your device’s IMEI no. (without which your device won’t connect to any network), as well as max address of Bluetooth and WiFi. In […]