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  • Dungeon Defenders First Wave Android Game: The best thing $2.99 can get you on Phone

    Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is a fantastic android game which packs in long-lasting gaming with best graphics and plenty of entertainment. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave has finally launched on android OS, as promised earlier by the game’s developer, Trendy Entertainment. The game’s full of action, class, style and of course, entertainment. The Unreal Engine 3 […]

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  • Android Getting Dungeon Defenders on Dec 23 for $2.99

    Dungeon Defenders

    Well, this could turn out to be your favorite Christmas purchase, if you really want a real game with unbeatable graphics. The Game’s called ‘Dungeon Defenders: First Wave’, a tower defense action RPG game from Trendy Entertainment, made on the ‘unreal Engine 3’. The same engine was also used in Infinity Blade, one of the […]