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  • CircleLauncher Android App: Launch Apps and Dial Contacts Fast, Easy and Stylish Way!

    With CircleLauncher Android App, users place dedicated widgets on the homescreen to launch apps or contacts quickly, and fashionably. The free version is good too, but lacks some of the very good capabilities of $1.37 costing paid version, like, custom icon and layout style. With android, you have loads of customization powers. You can change […]

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  • Screen Filter Android App: Best App to Decrease Brightness more than Phone’s Default Settings. Works on Galaxy S too!

    Screen Filter

    You know, I like my Galaxy S’ super AMOLED screen very much but what I hate most about the phone is the lack of option to dim the screen’s brightness right to the level I want. Even after totally dimming the display out using phone’s default brightness options, it’s still really ‘eye-frightening bright’ for night […]