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  • Play Services APK Download 10.0.84 / 9.8.77


    Recently added in 10.0.84: 030-137749526, 032-137749526, 034-137749526, 036-137749526, 038-137749526, 070-137749526, 230-137749526, 234-137749526, 236-137749526, 238-137749526, 248-137749526, 270-137749526, 430-137749526, 434-137749526, 436-137749526, 438-137749526, 440-137749526, 446-137749526, 448-137749526, 470-137749526 and 876-137749526 (Android TV is 876). Also: 240-137749526, 280-137749526, 480-137749526, 836-137749526 and 846-137749526. Update [November 03, 2016]: Only four days after the .83 version hit us, there is a new version of the Google Play Services APK available. It’s Play Service 10.4.84 […]

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  • Download LG V20 Stock Apps


    The zip provided below gets you all the apps that come pre-installed with LG’s new V20 that is yet to hit the stores as of today, September 13, 2016. We’ve included all the apps from app and priv-app directories as it is, and have added the framework directory into the mix too. These apps can’t […]

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  • [OTA download] OxygenOS 3.2.2 for OnePlus 3 released, fixes alert slider issue and disables fingerprint sensor when device is in pocket

    OnePlus 3 update oxygen os 3.2

    The OnePlus team has released the OxygenOS 3.2.2 update for its OnePlus 3. The update brings host of features, very practical ones, and makes clearer impression that the team listens to to user feedback and reported issues, and can fix them asap too. It wasn’t long ago when OnePlus team delivered the OxygenOS 3.2 update that featured […]

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  • Download Verizon Droid Turbo update 23.21.49.en.US build SU4TL-49

    Verizon yesterday released an update to its Motorola Droid Turbo that isn’t what we hoped for — hint: Marshmallow — but brings only some ‘security patches and improved network performances’. Well, below you will find a direct link to download the said update, software version 23.21.49.en.US, and build SU4TL-49. While the Verizon will be rolling out the update in […]

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  • Download LG G5 Stock Ringtones

    LG G5 Ringtones

    Here is the pack of tones from the LG G5, which comprises 85 UI tones, 27 ringtones, 20 notification tones, 24 alarm tones and 4 .jet files of which we have no idea. The G5 is the LG’s hot-piece for the year 2016 that would dominate the headlines. It’s widely anticipated device, and as such we […]

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  • Download Galaxy S7 Ringtones

    galaxy s7 ringtones

    Here is your pack of ringtones from Galaxy S7 (and Galaxy S7 Edge of course). The zip provided below packs in notification tones, alarm tones, UI tones and ringtones as found on the Galaxy S7 pre-installed. This is another cool grab-from-Galaxy-S7 we’re doing, right after we provided downloads of Galaxy S7 Apps port, that is […]

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  • Download HTC One M8 Marshmallow OTA

    htc one m8 Marshmallow ota download

    HTC today began rollout of Marshmallow update OTA for its M8 GPe set. If you own one of these cool sets, then you must have received a notification for Marshmallow update by now. The Marshmallow update is based on build MRA58K, which is what we saw on Nexus devices earlier. The software version of the HTC […]