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  • How to Enable Voice Wakeup on CM12S on OnePlus One, uses hotword “Hey Snapdragon”

    The CM12S update that released yesterday for the OnePlus One comes with more features than it meets the eye. Apart from the Lollipop sweetness and material design, the CM12S update also brings support for always-listening functionality that wakes up your device when you say “Hey Snapdragon”. Just voice. No hands touched. However, the feature isn’t available easily. Although Cyanogen is […]

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  • Download CM12S Wallpapers

    CM12S update for the OnePlus One is finally rolling out, it comes with Android version 5.0.2 and as is the case with major Android version upgrades, we get new wallpapers to play with. And thankfully wallpapers is a universal thing, apply-able on almost any screen regardless of device, OS and size. The new CM12S update comes with a number of […]

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  • Download CM12S Apps APK: Gallery and Camera

    As promised earlier this month, the Cyanogen OS 12 a.k.a CM12S update is now rolling out for the OnePlus One. The update brings Android version 5.0.2 to the device, but it isn’t the first to do so (even officially). OnePlus already put out the Lollipop update for OnePlus One via Oxygen OS, the company’s own new […]

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  • OnePlus One Receives the Cyanogen OS 12 Update

    oneplus one

    The rollout of the Cyanogen OS 12 update for the OnePlus One smartphone begins and this is the take over of Cyanogen on the Android 5.0 Lollipop platform. Once the users of the device upgrade to their device to this platform, they will get all the Lollipop related features such as new multitasking UI, revamped […]

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  • Cyanogen showcases two apps from its upcoming OS 12

    So the Cyanogen 12 is set for release to the general public any day now and in keeping with the tradition of releasing snippets of information to keep up the media hype, Cyanogen has announced two brand new features that will be gracing its Lollipop based operating system. While Cyanogen is widely recognized as one of […]