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  • Xolo 8X-1020 Specs and Price leak!

    xolo 8x-1020

    It seems Xolo is set to release a new handset, 8X-1020, for a price of INR 9,700 in India really soon. The device is already in the know of retail store owners in India. Xolo 8x-1020 is an upgrade to Xolo Q1020, which uses a quad-core chip, and is currently selling at flipkart for INR […]

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Benchmarks

    The Galaxy S4 was always expected to blow competing smartphones out of the water when it comes to performance, at least in benchmarks, just like all previous flagship Galaxy S smartphones have done. Now, the first benchmarks for the device taken with Geekbench 2 are out, and the Galaxy S4 beats every other smartphone out […]

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  • HTC Droid DNA Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    The past month has been action-packed with an exciting new breed of Android smartphones getting released. There’s been something for everyone, and then some more. From Google’s shiny new Nexus lineup, which included the $300 Nexus 4, to 5.5 incher Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (in U.S.) to LG 2012 flagship, the LG Optimus G, and […]

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  • HTC One X vs Galaxy Nexus


    The times are changing and we are witnessing another leap of technology as HTC launched the first smartphone powered by a quad-core chipset — the HTC One X! And new entrants are bound to face comparisions with the existing market-leaders. And hence, we, in this case have selected the Google’s flagship phone — Samsung Galaxy […]

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  • [Comparison] Droid RAZR vs. Galaxy S2

    Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S2 back in January 2011 and since then, every other phone that has launched or announced till date, ahs failed to impress me in the way S2 did. But that devil deal with the S2 seems broken now — even though Galaxy Nexus is still in wraps. The device to catch, […]

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  • Samsung Stratosphere Specifications, Features and Price

    Verizon Wireless already has one cool Qwerty keyboard equipped device in Motorola Droid 3, but since it lacks the LTE support, it leaves a gap unfilled for people seeking LTE with physical keyboard. But Verizon has planned something — Samsung Stratosphere, which may not excite you as much because it lacks dual-core processor, but it’s […]