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  • Crazy Taxi for Android coming soon!

    Sega’s open world racing game Crazy Taxi, that debuted in 1999 and went on to become a cult classic, was released for iOS two days back, and Sega has announced that the game will be coming soon to Android as well, bringing crazy taxi mayhem to the platform. For those who have never played, or […]

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  • Pulse Android App in Works at Nokia

    Nokia seems to be putting a lot of focus on the software front lately. Reportedly, Nokia is in the process of porting one of its social apps Pulse, originally meant for its WP7 devices, over to Android as well, and iOS too. Pulse by Nokia is like Foursquare, where you can check into venues, automatically […]

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  • Super Bright Phone LG Optimus EX Announced!

    Boasting 700 nits of brightness to differentiate from the horde of android phones in the market, the LG Optimus EX just got official prints to its name. It’s launching in Korea soon with SK Telecom, but no word is available about any plans of global release. LG Optimus EX is a follow-up to Optimus 2X […]

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  • Pre-Order Galaxy Tab 8.9

    The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is now available for pre-order in US — here. The bigger brother of this 8.9 inch 1 GHz dual-core tablet, Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already become critics favorite — and that of consumers and Apple too (the lawsuits, eh!) — and this 8.9 incher doesn’t leave any of the 10.1 inch […]

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  • Motorola Droid RAZR Specs Revealed. Game ON!!

    Remember the phone that made Motorola a very well known name worldwide — the Moto RAZR? Well, it’s back. And it’s back with a BANG — rumored to be holding the world’s first 4.3 inch qHD Super AMOLED display, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP cam in back with 1080p capabilities […]

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  • Official VLC Android App coming soon in Weeks

    A member of VLC team has revealed that it is now “a matter of weeks” when we see the official VLC app hit the android market. The makers of the VLC Player — a vey very popular video player on Windows, Mac and Linux, that’s capable of playing literally any file format thrown at it […]

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  • One more update for HTC EVO in the works

    HTC EVO Update

    We just heard that HTC is preparing another update for EVO to tackle the recent issues like ‘glass separation’ and more importantly ‘screen sensitivity’. This is second update for EVO, the first being the urgently-called post-launch update. HTC has confirmed that screen sensitivity update exists and depends on the climate where phone is being used, […]