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  • How to Block Push Notifications from Websites on Chrome for Android

    Getting notified directly on your phone when your favorite website is updated sounds amazing. But it can often get pretty annoying when you get notifications from several websites you subscribe to for push notifications. Push notifications are good only for the sites which don’t publish much articles in a day. If you’ve subscribed to a website […]

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  • Google improves syncing, send notes and set alarms on your smarphone via desktop search

    Google has recently added a couple of interesting features to the android. This includes the ability to control your smartphone using Google’s desktop search. While this feature — or something like it — was available earlier enabling you to send directions to your device from your personal computer, Google has expanded upon it so that you […]

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  • Chrome 39.0.2171.59

    [column size=”one-second”] [ad2] [/column] [column size=”one-second” last=”true”] Filename: com.android.chrome-v39.0.2171.59.apk Version: 39.0.2171.59 File size: 30.6 MB (32,168,267 bytes) Date: 12 November, 2014 Developer: Google Inc. [/column]

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  • Manage Device Notifications Seamlessly From Your Desktop/Laptop Using Pushbullet, and Also Transfer and Share Files

    Ever have one of those days, where you have a lot of work, and you’re expecting an important text from someone? It becomes quite a hassle juggling between the laptop and the phone. Pushbullet offers a way out of this. Pushbullet shows your notifications right on your desktop, so you can check why your phone […]