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  • CyanogenMod team teases new Chromium based Gello browser


    The Android platform has a slew of third-party browsers and CyanogenMod is also joining the crowd. The new project that the firm is working on is Gello that is a browser based on Chromium’s open source code. Though nothing much about this browser is known, we can gather some details from the 14 second teaser […]

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  • WebKit-based Opera Browser Beta released for Android

    Opera has released the first beta version of their new browser for Android, based on the WebKit engine for webpages, which should allow for a browsing experience similar to contemporary browsers rather than Opera’s own Presto engine-based browser that is popular today. As soon as you start up Opera Browser beta, the first introduction feature […]

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  • Opera Mini 7.5 for Android

    The Opera Mini browser for Android has received an update to version 7.5 which is now available on the Play Store. This new version brings a single feature with it, called Smart Page which “gives you a dashboard view of the latest activity on your social networks, along with automatic news feeds from your favorite […]

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  • Google Chrome coming soon for your Android Smartphone


    Android and Chrome are like two brothers who have nothing to do with each other, one being a Mobile OS and the later one of the best browsers in the market. Till today we have never seen any interactions between Google Chrome and Android but there are rumors that point to a great collaboration between the two. […]

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  • Firefox v7 for your Android Phone.


    Its raining good news for Android FireFox fans — the latest version, Firefox 7, is now officially out of the beta stage and has hit the android market. Although Firefox isn’t a household name yet on android scene, it does offers some features which will make your time with it very well worth. And trying […]