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  • Fix Droid Charge with Full Factory Restore using Odin

    Installation of ROMs (with or without the Voodoo lagfix and sound hacks), custom themes and other mods and tweaks may sometime cause unwanted and unexpected errors on the phone. To fix those random issues, whether related to recovery, bootloop, or application force closes, it’s good to restore phone to Samsung’s firmware — this process is […]

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  • Droid Razr Bootloop fix? [Quick questions]

    Droid Razr Bootloop Fix

    I have been reading a lot of people’s posts on various forums asking for a bootloop fix for their Droid Razr. Sadly not much can be done to fix this issue until we have unlocked bootloader or get an stock ROM file to flash (SBF file). Anyway, here’s a small tip that may help some […]