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  • How to Unlock Bootloader on Motorola devices

    There is great fun in unlocking the bootloader on your Motorola device and be able to install a custom recovery TWRP, get root access and install sweet-experience custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, etc. Motorola allows bootloader unlocking on almost all of its devices except for the ones locked to Verizon and AT&T in the US. However, unlocking […]

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  • How to Unlock Moto G 2015 Bootloader

    Almost all of Motorola devices released since 2013 are bootloader unlock capable and the Moto G 2015 is no different. However, unlocking the bootloader on Moto devices isn’t as easy as it’s on Nexus devices. Motorola has its own custom setup in place to allow bootloader unlock on its devices, and it takes a little more effort […]

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  • How to unlock Bootloader of an HTC device

    Unlocking bootloader of an HTC device has its own benefits. As, after you unlocked your device, you can go ahead and install a custom recovery like TWRP, or CWM, and then root easily using SuperSU. Yes, then your love for custom ROMs and mods, and Xposed, gets full attention, but all this starts with unlocking […]

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  • How to Unlock New HTC One 2014 (M8) Bootloader

    Rooting, custom recoveries, custom ROMs, mods and all things fun.. it all starts with unlocking the bootloader on your HTC device. And thankfully, HTC has made the bootloader unlocking process straightforward for all of its devices. By unlocking the bootloader on your New HTC One M8 you’ll be able to install root and custom recoveries on your device. And most important […]

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  • Nexus S Bootloader Unlock AIO

    If you’re new to Android and are looking to flash a custom ROM on to your new and shiny Android phone or tablet, you will no doubt come upon the term bootloader, which needs to be unlocked on a device before custom software such as ROMs or kernels can be installed on said device. But […]