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  • Remove bloatware from any Samsung Galaxy device easily with this script!

    Kudos to blaz1nr for spending time on creating a great utility tool like this, one that required him to peruse through firmwares of many Samsung Galaxy devices to ensure maximum compatibility. The resulting .zip file, a firmware/ROM debloater script, is your best bet if you are looking to remove all those extra apps and goodies Samsung has thrown in as pre-installed […]

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  • Remove Bloatware/Pre-installed crap from Verizon Galaxy S5 OD5 firmware with DeBloater tool

    Developer muniz_ri has just released yet another de-bloat tool, and this time it’s for the Verizon Galaxy S5 running on the latest OD5 build for the device. The tool let’s you completely remove all those unwanted pre-installed apps that Verizon and Samsung together put on your phone, to make it miserable. The DeBloater tool requires root access, so make […]