• Android Apps
  • Open Up Your Thoughts with Notegraphy. Create Stylish, Beautiful and Artistic Notes (and Quotes)

    Notegraphy is a text styling/sharing app which really makes you question the conventional decorations of words. You can create highly artistic notes, which are styled automatically within the app using some of the more artistic designs one has ever laid their eyes on! However, simply creating isn’t enough. You need to share it with the […]

  • Android Games
  • Artillery Strike: A Simple and Action Packed Turn-by-turn Game with Beautiful 2D Graphics

    AMA Ltd. (Advanced Mobile Applications) announced their war-themed multi player game, Artillery Strike which is a strategic warfare game which will bring back the memories of the famous Battleship game with a better graphics performance. The game depicts the player as the Commanding Officer of an Artillery during World War 2. You are to protect Mother […]