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  • Change Screen Resolution via ADB and save Battery life on Android devices (without Root)

    Flagship Android devices of today outputs a wealth of pixels-per-inch on the screen, so much that our human eyes can’t even see them. But that’s how things are with flagships, you get things that are aren’t necessarily useful. Anyway, apart from the unnecessity, there’s also a performance issue with higher resolution on your device — reduced battery life. The more pixels the screen will […]

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  • Is Turbo/Fast Charge Bad for Battery?

    The year 2015 has been the year of smartphones with fast charging capabilities as we saw almost all major manufacturers putting turbo/fast/quick charging capabilities on their Flagship devices. But is it good for your battery life? Impact of fast chargers on battery life has long been debated. But there has never been a conclusive answer […]

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  • Download SOS Ultra Power Launcher: The Ultimate way to Save Battery Power on your Android Phone

    Feature phones have a great battery life because they don’t multitask, has no WiFi / LTE or run any software that is always connected to internet. They’re basic, and hence have the battery power that lasts for days. But our phones smartphones are the computers of today. We do almost everything a computer and a basic phone could do on a […]