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  • How to Fix Battery Drain Issues on Nougat

    Experiencing battery drain on your Android 7.0 Nougat running device? Well, you’re not alone. A number of Nexus users are reporting battery drain issue on Nougat since day one of installing the update. Apparently, the battery drain has been around from Android N developer preview 3 release, but Google has been ignoring it. The bug doesn’t let […]

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  • How to Fix Marshmallow Wi-Fi Battery Drain

    We’ve some users complaint about the possible — it’s not a for-sure thing yet, after all — battery drain being caused Wi-Fi, even though there are good reports that battery is far better on Marshmallow update. If you believe your device’s battery life is taking a hit — even though improved when compared to Lollipop — because […]

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  • How to Fix Wifi Battery Drain on Marshmallow

    WiFi draining battery on your Android device running the freshest release of Android (Marshmallow)? You’re not alone. +Nomaan Mohammad over at Google+ found the “computed power use” (new feature on Marshmallow) for WiFi higher than anything else on his device, which certainly tells that WiFi is taking the most of battery power. However, Nomaan also mentions that this was probably wrong reporting by […]

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  • How to Fix Battery Drain on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge caused after installing TWRP/Root

    Various users over at forums are reporting that their Galaxy S6’s battery is draining very fast somehow, and the main cause identified with this is installation of TWRP recovery or root. The issue is, that Galaxy S6 (or Galaxy S6 Edge) is losing it’s battery-saver and very imperative function called ‘deep sleep’, when it’s rooted or […]