• Issues & Fixes
  • How To Fix Galaxy S6 edge and edge+ Auto-Brightness Issue

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the most bright and vibrant mobile display of all the devices we’ve known, but there’s this auto-brightness bug on the Galaxy S6 edge and edge+ variants of the device which limits the display brightness even when auto-brightness feature is turned off. Thanks to ultimatewaffel over at xda, we now have a fix for this annoying bug […]

  • Android Apps
  • Here’s an App to Automatically adjust Brightness on LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live

    It was lame that both LG and Samsung didn’t put an ambient light sensor on their Wear watches to auto-adjust the brightness levels on the watch, a device that’s always going to be on the wrist of users. But, thanks to developer Daniel Velazco for developing an app that cleverly adjusts brightness level on your Wear watch using your location, time and the Google […]