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  • ASUS Padfone X2 Specs being discussed by ASUS and AT&T

    Tipster evleaks has received a word that ASUS and AT&T are already discussing the next generation of Padfone X, namely Padfone X2. When surprisingly, even the Padfone X, which was released 6 months ago internationally¬†is yet to launch on AT&T in US. The Padfone X2 is codenamed as Unicorn and will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 […]

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  • Asus ready to unveil the Padfone at Mobile World Congress.


    Firstly, there were the smartphones and the net-books. Then came the tablets which almost immediately ate-away the market-share of Netbooks. And now, it seems that another revolution is in the making as Asus will soon be revealing the Padfone. Paul O’Brian, founder of MoDaCo,¬†seems to have got the word from Asus that they will be […]